Media Equipment Overdue Policy

Your ability to check out media equipment is a privilege that depends upon the timely return of equipment by ALL users: students, faculty and staff. Much of the library's media equipment is heavily scheduled. When patrons return equipment late by even a short time, they may cause major difficulties for another person or an entire class. Therefore, we enforce the following policies:

  • RENEWALS. Due to patron demand, we cannot renew equipment. If you would like to check the equipment out again, we ask that students wait 24 hours before doing so.
  • Most equipment checks out for three days. Equipment must be returned at, or prior to, the time that it is due. Usually this is before the library closes on the third day. This is enforced throughout the calendar year. If you are late the first time, you will be asked to sign a YELLOW warning form, acknowledging that you know you will be blocked for longer next time if you're late.
  • Equipment returned late again may result in a 60-day ORANGE block from further equipment checkout, especially if you have been late in the past, given a prior warning about overdue equipment by a staff person, or the equipment is more than two weeks overdue.
  • Patrons who return equipment late again after a 60-day ORANGE block will be RED blocked from equipment checkout for one year.
  • Patrons who return equipment late again after a RED one-year block will be permanently barred from checking out equipment.
  • Patrons may also be bumped up the next color for being more than two weeks overdue.
  • Equipment not returned or paid for after seven days will be considered LOST, and the patron will be billed for the replacement cost of the item. University transcripts may be delayed and, depending on the cost, the patron may not be able to register for classes. These patrons will be permanently blocked from checking out media equipment.
  • Patrons who show flagrant disregard of the late equipment policy will be permanently blocked from checking out media equipment. The media technician decides what constitutes "flagrant."
  • Patrons who have been blocked from equipment checkout may file a written appeal of the block which will be reviewed by the media technician or circulation manager. The patron will be given written notice of the decision within five business days.
  • You will be asked to pay replacement costs for any broken or damaged equipment that the media technician determines cannot be repaired. The media technician will determine the replacement cost at current prices, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Overdue fines are $1.00/hour (or any fraction of an hour).  Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy only.
This page was last modified on November 24, 2015