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Libraries provide access to answers, to knowledge, to data, to commentary, to critique, to healing, to learning and maybe even to more questions. The UAF Elmer E. Rasmuson Library is no different, but our story is rather unique.

Rasmuson Library was founded in 1922 with fewer than three thousand bookstoday we boast more than one million items. The growth of our collection is a reflection of the growth in the number of our students, our faculty research, and of our university and state. Elmer E. Rasmuson supported our library when it was still in its youth, and supported its expansion in 1984—we are all proud to have his name on these walls.

Our 26,000-strong UAF alumnus often share memories of the library with us, detailing the countless hours they spent within these walls or the friendly librarian who helped them with the sources needed to complete a paper. Every semester hundreds more new students seek out the library as a place to study, to research, to socialize, to access the internet, or to borrow a new DVD. Because of this interest, we are always thinking of new ways to serve our students and campus community. Your gift will help us to meet these needs in real time.

Philanthropy has always played a large role here at Rasmuson Library, going all the way back to the first documented gift of $15 in 1974. And we are grateful for every gift.

Your gift, no matter its size or intent, plays a role in the perpetual value of our collection, the robustness of our services and the breadth and depth of our research capacity. Please consider a gift to the library today.


Karen Jensen, Director of Libraries and Professor of Library Science

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