Scanning Services

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are unable to assist with your photo needs at this time. Please check back periodically for updates.

FY21 Prices

(Subject to change without notice.)

Depending on current workload, the turnaround time is usually less than 2 weeks.



Basic Scans: (most scans will fit into this category) Standard film formats up to 8 X 10", and printed material up to 17" x 22". Typical file size is 3000-4000 pixels on the long dimension, delivered as a high resolution tiff, (to industry standards) suitable for publication.

The prices listed at the right, would include scans from:

  • B&W negatives
  • unmounted 35mm slides
  • 120mm, 4X5 and 8X10 slides/transparencies (mounted or unmounted)
  • printed materials up to 17" X 22"

(No color negative scanning, unless you have a color photograph we can match to.)


For mounted 35mm slides


Scans will be charged at $15.00 each, including the file delivery charge.






$5.00 ea, including the file delivery charge.

Digital files requiring Scanning with our Digital Transitions Camera (medium format)

It would be best to contact the Photo Lab manager for a price quote.

  • This would include printed material larger than 17X22", or any item from the vault. {rare books, rare maps,etc.}




Prices start at $50.00  and will increase as the size increases.

Special Scanning: Glass, metal, and certain types of old prints (which may require polarization), or any other item requiring special lighting, time, or Custom Photoshop work. $113.00 an hour per image, including the file delivery fee. (3/4 hr. min.= $85.00 per image)

File Delivery Options

Image file delivery is offered in 2 ways. We can deliver files on CD/DVD or put them on our website (ftp) for you to download.

If you need files delivered via ftp and CD, there is an additional charge of $5.00.



Rush fees are 50% extra.

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