The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation:
Cease and Desist Responses

The Foundation operates in support of Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg operates in strict conformance to the copyright laws of the United States, and is highly motivated to identify items which are public domain in the United States for addition to the Project Gutenberg collection.

For various reasons, persons and organizations claiming to own copyright to some of the public domain works that Project Gutenberg redistributes often choose to contact PGLAF. Usually, the contact consists of variations on asserting copyright ownership over a public domain item, and insisting that we remove it from our collection.

These pages include some of our responses to such letters, in the hopes that they will be useful to other advocates of the public domain. They might also be helpful to organizations considering sending such a letter to the Foundation.

Some brief facts concerning these types of correspondence:

Sample Responses

Our responses indicate the nature of the complaint, the eBook(s) or authors involved, and our proposed resolution to the issues raised.